Lakeside: One Cold, Gray Day

The view to the north…

Six Benches

Six Benches

…and the view to the south.

Many Fences

Many Fences

I’ll be printing and framing these, because they are worthy of ‘The Walls’!


More snow in tonight’s forecast…

…might make this festive Yucca…

Festive Plant

…end up looking more like this one!

Festive Plant-Snow

Then again, it could warm up again, as it did the past two days to 50 degrees F., then drop quickly, as it did last night to 27 degrees F., to cause this:

Freeze and Re-freeze

Freeze and Re-freeze

Saturday evening’s clouds…

…developed and we finally received about 3/4″ of much needed rain.  These were taken while I visited some new construction at Loyola University Lake Campus here in Rogers Park.



All images copyright 2012

Yesterday’s surprise!


On this next one, I did some retouch with “Clone”, as I did not care for the branches of another tree intruding on the beauty of these fragile new leaves.

All photos copyright 2012


Just a block and a half west of Lake Michigan, I came upon these tiny, fresh maple leaves while walking home yesterday.

It has been said:  When the maple leaves bloom, there will be no more frost.

We’ll see…after all, this IS Chicago!