I found this sweet display…

…in the window of a local convenience store, and thought it might make a great start to the season’s FREE E-cards for any of you to use.

Just click on an image, copy/save it to your Pictures folder…then send it to a friend!




I shall be making more for the next two weeks or so, as time allows.

A Few More Free E-cards for You!

Just copy and paste…don’t worry about the copyright thingy…my gift to you all! These are for those of you who may not be able to design a card, or have no extra $$ to send cards out, or…just because they make your day brighter!

Juniper Berry Card

Some of you may prefer Nature’s perfect decoration…the Juniper berry!


Pole Wrap Card

Or, you might like a bit more cheery color to get you in the mood?