Just a bit early…

…or is Macy’s just a bit needy?

As I walked up Washington Street in downtown Chicago yesterday, I was taken aback with the Christmas decorations already up inside Macy’s (formerly Marshal Field’s) State Street store.  The main State Street windows are still under construction, but the interior of the first floor seems to be in full Christmas season regalia.  I didn’t have time to step inside as I was on my way to vote EARLY…maybe next week, I’ll go downtown again, stop in, and see how much progress is being made on the Great Tree in the Walnut Room restaurant!




Until it snows in Chicago

This is my northeast window wall. I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve left in the picture.

Christmas should have been, but was NOT, quiet here, due to my African neighbors, who have been an extremely NOISY thorn in my side since the 28th of FEB.  I have about a half of a nerve left…seriously.  These people, and their children, have affected my life and my health.  I do not kmow when I’ll get “a full night’s sleep”, as it depends, apparently, upon how much sugar they have fed their children

In fact, the now-2+ year old woke me again this morning, crying for Mamy before 4 AM…and MAMY never responded, as usual.

I am 65 and a half now, and last had a two and a half year old crying in the middle of the night.  He passed on 28NOV1996, two weeks short of his 27th birthday.  Fifteen years, and still…it seems like yesterday.

And…here in Chicago, we’ve had almost NO snow...so I shall leave these decorations up until we get SOMEthing that feels like Christmas!

Actually, they cheer me…because these African neighbors are soooo nastily noisy!  HE sounds as if he barks, and SHE has a low voice, as if she woofs.  The older child is so shrill, his voice cuts through the wall immediately…and he has a stammer problem (which they either don’t understand, or are unwilling to act upon).  The youngest just either screams ‘bloody murder’, or whines and cries at varying times of the day.  I must say, after almost TEN months of this garbage, I cannot wait for them to leave!  Last night, the children were allowed to run wild until around 11 PM…it is now 10:10 PM, and I have had to pound on the wall…as the children are still trying to run wild (as they have done , almost every night since 01MAR).

BTW…Obama is returning to Chicago, apparently on 11JAN2012, to CAMPAIGN here…and I’m sure he’ll stay in his house in HYDE Park?  Won’t he?  Wouldn’t you, if you had a beautiful mansion in Hyde Park, neighborhood of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the babysitters?,