I WAS out and about today…

…shooting along the lake.

But, as this is when I begin my semi-annual cleaning (tearing EVERYTHING apart, washing paintings, woodwork, closets, floors, windows, blinds,cupboards…and taking every photo out of its frame and washing the glass on both sides), I will post sporadically, as I find it possible.

My favorite for the paintings, cupboards, woodwork and floors?  Murphy’s Oils Soap.

Lots of Windex for the glass.

True, a lot of work for this particular ‘growing-older’ disabled lady, BUT…it is a good habit, and one I’ve kept for most of my almost-66 years. (P.S.:  Thank you, Mother, for showing me how to clean properly!).

I’ll be here when I can, and thank you, all my followers and readers and ‘likers’…I appreciate you so very much…and love YOUR spaces, too!