Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Stained glass windows of a building in the Edgewater Glen neighborhood of Chicago:

Stained Glass Windows

Meanwhile, on the floor below…OOPS!

Broken Stained Glass Window

And next to that, the creative approach:

In Lieu of Stained Glass

427 years…

…isn’t THAT something for Soebarkah and his MOO to think about?

It has been almost that long since Leonardo…da Vinci…died.

He was an innovator, a creative…whom the Obamas would have shunned.  But he did create this:

and this:

In comparison, just WTH has the great O created but divisiveness, more racism?

Leonardo had a vision; Soebarkah cannot see beyond his brown-colored contacts.

Soebarkah is DULL, really really DULL…and, at 50 years old, should ask someone to help him GROW UP NOW!