Though the temperatures are still warm…

Fallen Ivy leaves

Fallen Ivy leaves

…Autumn is truly in the air–and in the quality of light.

After catching that chill on Labor Day, I felt really out of sorts health-wise…and the news of the past few days has been even more chilling and very depressing, what with all the ‘war chatter’!

Perhaps a little beauty can brighten our mood?

This is the best macro I've ever gotten of Hibiscus...the light was just right!

This is the best macro I’ve ever gotten of Hibiscus…the light was just right!

Adding the Diffuse Glow filter, using pure white as the glow color, seems to give this deep Pink a much ‘dreamier’ look.

Deep Pink Hibiscus XCU Diffuse Glow

There have been only a few flowers still growing, mostly Marigolds and other annuals…I’ll miss these beautiful Hibiscus, but of course, I’ll always have the images!