Not exactly Frank Lloyd Wright…

…but more likely designed by one of his devoted students.

The Prairie Style

The Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago has a number of homes in Wright’s early 20th century style, but a REAL Wright design is just one block north of my building!

Emil Bach House

Rather unlikely companions

Taken today, at the nearby community garden:

Lavender and Parsley

At a Lonely Shore

At a Lonely Shore

Raindrops spatter the lens

and the thinning trees

as I watch/

listening to the incoming waves

cold and remorseless

as they push the lake’s bed

to the gravelly sands/


and also cold

after the gentle early Autumn rain.

Copyright 2012

The Grackles’ Exercise Routine

I took a short walk in this morning’s rain, and found this amazing sight.  The birds repeated this ‘Up and Down’ for at least ten minutes, then I turned to return home…a bit wet, but it was well-worth the chill!

Grackles-Up 1

Grackles-Down 1

Grackles-Up 2

Grackles-Down 2

Perhaps they were just trying to stay limber, practicing for the long flight south?