It’s been the worst of times…

…because my computer totally died and both the motherboard and the CPU had to be replaced.

AT&T kept giving me a ‘security error’, stating that my Internet account was “Unprovisioned“.

In addition, BEDBUGS migrated from an apartment one floor below, and even after TWO exterminations, a few remain, though I’ve caulked every baseboard, filled every hairline crack, washed walls and almost every article of clothing I own (much is still tied up in plastic bags until I can get to the cleaners).

My lovely home/apartment has been totally ‘topsy-turvy’ for the last two and a half weeks…and I.  Am.  Exhausted!

Yesterday, I spent five hours re-installing software (still have some ‘tweaking to do!), made two trips up to AT&T in Evanston to alleviate the ‘lack of Internet’ situation, and have made it through one of my three e-mail accounts before collapsing into bed.

Time to begin again…

New Day

…with a brand new day!