It always bothered me…

…that my dearest Greek great-uncle, Pelopidous Constantinopoulous, had this photo taken…and there was a huge hanger-crease in his white flannel pants.  I’ve known this photo since I was about three years old…more than 6 (yes, SIX!) decades ago.

Pelopidous-Original Scan (@300 dpi)

So…two years ago, when I began scanning family photos, I decided I, and Photoshop (TM), could make things right, correct, because I’ve been using it since 2005.

And….I did!

Pelopidous-Restored 2009

I rebuilt, through ‘Clone’, the entire right side of the photo, and…of course…totally eliminated the hanger-crease!  Fun to do, as I am most respectful of my Greek heritage.

Oh, BTW, Uncle “Poley”, as we called him, was among the original founders of Annunciation Greek Orthodox church in Milwaukee WI…you know, the church designed by Frank Lloyd Wright built shortly after his death.

I walked by this church, as it was being built, and every day thereafter when I walked or was driven to high school.  It was only 8 blocks from our house, and I remember when it was still ‘wild land’, where I could walk up and watch the planes from the nearby Timmerman Airport take off and land.  It inspired me to study architecture, then design, then Stage Design…and aided me to become the artist I remain…at least for the interim.  Thank you, Mr. Wright, for your beautiful architecture and great memories.

P.S.  I live now just down the road from Wright’s 1915 design, the Emil Bach house, now owned by Mr. James N. Pritzker of Chicago.