Putting it (back) Together

It seems I’ve been running to and fro, hither and yon, to get this place totally back to ‘better than it was’!

No sooner than I feel I can rest, a prescription runs out, or the laundry piles itself so high, that I have to get out of my ‘paint clothes’, gussy up, and hop a bus or train in one direction or the other.

It’s hard work…and very tiring!

I did manage to get a few images processed, however, after walking over to the small park to deposit my ever-overflowing bag of recyclables (though Chicago has a city ordinance that all buildings of this size must provide recycling containers for the tenants, my building does not).

The Lake…Diffused

Lake Diffuse-1 WM


Lake Diffuse-2 WM


Lake Diffuse-3 WM


Lake Diffuse-4 WM

And…I’m off again, to return “Chicago” and “Titanic” (which I hadn’t ever seen!) DVDs to the library, drop my winter coat (haven’t worn it in several years!) at the cleaners, and stop at the hardware store for some spray paint (a little project for a Plexiglas (TM) small shelf I want to put up), and probably, because it’s close, a quick stop at my favorite little Morse Market to pick up a few things like Krinos Greek Yogurt, a jar of pesto for tonight’s pizza and some fruit…which always seems to run out too quickly these days!

I hope to return later, with some images from last month’s tour of the Emil Bach House, but unlike our politicians, I’m not promising anything!