When sorting out some old paperwork…

…I ran across this quote I had written down some thirty-odd years ago.

Epictetus Quote

This blog, lately, has become more like a fig which has yet to ripen, hasn’t it?

Each day, I make an effort to post…and at the end of the day, my energy level is nil, because the day has been spent sorting, straightening, hanging artwork, shopping, baking, cooking…doing everything that must come first before I can sit and gather thoughts and images to put up a decent post.

Getting older “ain’t what it’s cracked up to be!”, and I’ll admit I’ve been pushing myself the last several months to that terrible point of exhaustion.

Yet, I look around my apartment and revel in what I’ve achieved–a great change, a comforting ‘togetherness’, a fresh look!

Though I still must deal with the studio (washing walls, then painting), I’ve had to let that go for a bit–perhaps even until Spring!–as tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day (and Hannukah has already begun this evening for my Jewish friends!).

This is a particularly poignant Thanksgiving Day for me, as it is the 17th anniversary of my younger son’s passing…and I have spent the previous holidays in thoughts and memories of that horrific time, which still seems like it was just yesterday.

Enough of that for now, as I hope all of you, old and new followers, are in good health and somewhat happy to be alive!

Even if you do not live in the United States, please take a moment to look around you and be very thankful for all you have!

* * *

Happy Thanksgiving Day

and Happy Hannukah

to all!

* * *

P. S.:  I’m almost finished hanging artwork, and have one more large wreath to decorate and hang, which means I’ll be able to spend more time posting…as soon as I get that Pumpkin Pie baked tomorrow–probably the only ‘traditional’ part of the meal!

I’m NOT having a ‘Turkey Dinner’ though, just steamed salmon, fresh green beans, some sweet potato (no butter or marshmallows!)…and a bit of Brie on water crackers…it’s far more healthy, though I sure do want to gorge myself on stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberries–but I’d gain ten pounds overnight!

I stop here, to thank my Mother, gone over thirty years…

…for introducing me to FIGS!


She was Greek, Anastasia, and not only introduced me and my brothers to figs, but also to oregano…which remains an herb I use more lightly than she did, yet more often…because my mind and my body cry out so often to be near the Mediterranean.

In those days, when I was a child, fresh figs were pretty much unheard of.  Since…I have tasted them…and they are the closest I have ever gotten to my great ancestors…the Peloponnesian Greeks.

Anastasia, my Mother, and my son, Erik, in 1974  Copyright 2012 http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com

Most who met them thought he was her son….


Greece and a Fig

Thank you, Mother,
For allowing me
To appreciate a fig.

Texture/taste acquired
When I was so young.

In those times,
The fresh fig was not available.

You know it now,

You’ve been gone from us
More than thirty years now.

A fig is delightful,
As I knew it then,

But fresh each day, Mother,

We’d have had to have lived
In your country.



Copyright 2004  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com.