Newly painted and waiting to be filled

The Evanston Fountains, at the intersection of Davis and Orrington streets, Evanston, Illinois.




(NOTE:  These were highly processed in Photoshop (TM) and as a last touch, given the Watercolor Filter effect.)

I wonder why I’m so anxious to get back to painting canvases, when each of the above images took about eight minutes to process!?!

Just two streets north…

and a block and a half west, this lovely fountain sits in a front garden…bubbling away on a very quiet afternoon.  Can you hear it?

Jarvis Avenue Fountain

At the corner…

of Wells and Monroe Streets in Chicago’s Loop, I encountered a surprise the other day.  It’s called the Northern Trust Company Garden, replete with greenery, flowers, benches…and a fountain.

This is a great place to sit and read, eat lunch, talk, whatever, while listening to rushing fountain waters.  The only bad side is, this choice piece of garden is right next to the Brown/Purple Line ‘L’ tracks; interestingly, people don’t seem to mind that every few minutes, a train rushes by, cancelling the sounds of flowing water.

Here’s a close-up of part of the fountain:

Before I exited, I captured a really fringy tulip:

All photos copyright 2012