A few more ‘last minute’ E-cards for you

Again, don’t worry about violating the copyright law with these…they are my gift to those who perhaps cannot get out, or haven’t sufficient funds to post cards this year…or anyone who just likes a pretty, festive card! Please, however, do respect copyright law with all my other images on this blog.

Just click on the image, click Save As,  then store it in your files.  You can then copy and paste as an attachment in your e-mails!

E-card Red Green Final


E-card-Blue Silver Final


These graphic images are built from macro photos of my own two Christmas wreaths, designed and put together last year.  Next year, they’ll change…again!

A Few More Free E-cards for You!

Just copy and paste…don’t worry about the copyright thingy…my gift to you all! These are for those of you who may not be able to design a card, or have no extra $$ to send cards out, or…just because they make your day brighter!

Juniper Berry Card

Some of you may prefer Nature’s perfect decoration…the Juniper berry!


Pole Wrap Card

Or, you might like a bit more cheery color to get you in the mood?