Yesterday’s ‘first day of Summer’ weather…

…was a bummer!

Look closely at these two images, taken at 1:20 PM (CDT), and you’ll see how the rains distorted the Farcroft building a block and a half to the north.

No Photoshopping here, it was just that dark and gloomy!




Looking down to the parking lot wasn’t very inspiring either!

Window-5 125 PM

I’ve been feeling in a kind of funk the past few days, so I went out earlier and walked over to the lake.


I did find a few flowers along the way, which need to be processed–ho hum, more flower shots!

Then I captured an image which best-describes my mood:



A reflection in a puddle…nice and dark and dreary!

I think I’ll slow down a bit, and post every other day or so…until the adrenaline begins to flow again!