More on “Glowing Edges”

I shot the Sears Tower (refuse to call it ‘Willis’ Tower) yesterday afternoon.  Of course, I had to Photoshop (TM) it!

The original:

Then…I ‘Cloned’…heavily!

Sears Tower  Copyright 2012

And clicked to ‘desaturate’ and adjust the contrast…

…clicked a few times again to give you my version of sepia…

…and back to the RGB version, this time applying the filter “Glowing Edges”:

Sears Tower w/Glowing Edges, 2012  Copyright 2012

All in all, as John Lennon might say, “I think that’s quite nice!”

Perhaps they will…

…or perhaps they will not…like my concept.

The new owners of the building visited my humble apartment two weeks ago, wanting to see my photos and artwork.  They would like to do an installation in the lobby–LARGE photos!  Would I do it?

(Here’s where the adrenalin begins to rush and every synapse sparks, day and night!)

This is, after all, Chicago…though it is the northernmost neighborhood…so I decided to bring some of Chicago’s most famous architecture to Rogers Park, because most people are not able to roam around these landmarks as I have been able to in the past several years.

I’ve made a few trips downtown to enlarge my photo bank, thought and ‘played’ a lot…and ended up with what I feel is a fine presentation.

For instance:  my shot of the John Hancock building, hanging on my wall, impressed the owners.

John Hancock Building, Chicago  Copyright 2006

One mentioned that the photos could even be in black and white, so I clicked a bit in Photoshop (TM) and produced this:

Next, for good measure, and because the lobby has been repainted in warm neutral tones, I clicked another time or to, to produce my preferred version of sepia:

Then, I began to ‘play’.  Though my 66th is just two weeks away, I consider myself FAR from stodgy.  Ideas come to me, usually about 3:30 AM…and I get out of bed and just have to try them out.

This is what I came up with:  “Glowing Edges”, which turns the Hancock into what I prefer to call ‘fine art’:

John Hancock Building, Revisioned  Copyright 2012

And this is what it would look like, if my dream comes true:

On the left:  Marina City, the IBM Building and Trump Tower;  middle, the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park; and of course, the John Hancock Building.