This tiny tree…

…sits on the window sill of a local restaurant named “Jamaican Jerk”…I’ve had some of their food in the past, and it IS delicious!

It looks to be hand-made, and I feel it's a perfect symbol for this, the "Season of Giving"!

It looks to be hand-made; I feel it’s a perfect symbol for this, the “Season of Giving”!

In the neighborhood…

…some have gone ‘all out’ decorating for the season! These images were taken at the corner of Sheridan Road and Birchwood Avenue during last Saturdays rain.

Birchwood Avenue Decor-1


Birchwood Avenue Decor-2


Birchwood Avenue Decor-3


Birchwood Avenue Decor-4

Although today was the beginning…

…of meteorological Winter, there is still a rainbow of colors to be found in Nature!

Late Autumn Rose

Late Autumn Rose

Late Autumn Leaves

Late Autumn Leaves

I wouldn’t say it’s officially Winter…

…but the City of Evanston has already decorated their street planters in a wintry, cheery holiday style, don’t you think?

Evanston Street Planter, Winter 2012

In some places…

…the Autumn plantings are lush and warm!  (I truly wish professional landscapers would take the time to acclimate the mums, remove them from their pots, plant, then give them sufficient water to establish themselves, as these landscapers obviously did.)

Native Grasses and Chrysanthemums

In others…not so much!  (These poor mums, which have only been placed about a week ago (I’m certain they were still in their pots!) are already failing!)

Fading Chrysanthemums