The cloud formations…

…from Friday evening’s storm were exceptional.

Thankfully, there were no tornadoes, as these mammato-cumulus clouds are frequently accompanied by one or two!

30AUG2013 Storm-3


30AUG2013 Storm-4




30AUG2013 Storm-6

Regretfully, I never seem to be able to capture the lightning!


From My Window: Another quickie storm last evening

Heavy clouds moved in fast and most of the lightning took place over the Lake Michigan (just beyond the trees on the right).


Surprisingly, there were no tornado sirens, though the weather was perfect for tornadoes.  Downtown Evanston (just to the left of center on the horizon) totally disappeared in minutes as rain blew against my window.


Storms such as this one are truly frightening, as they quickly plow out over the lake and have the potential to turn back and cause great damage.