Don’t be taken in!

These Hostas in the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Emil Bach House parkway may look ‘dead’, but I can assure you, there’s an awful lot of ‘living’ going on underground!





Dead Hosta-2

If the weather keeps warming (though it’s been much too slowly for ME!), there should be sprouts within the next two weeks!

Today’s walk in misty showers

Days like today are supremely enjoyable…warm and Spring-like before noon!

After two days of thunderstorms, this morning there was a medium fog and wet streets…the perfect time to photograph, as the colors are deeper.

In the parkway in front of the Emil Bach House, I found these dead Hosta…in strangely captivating, ‘returning-to-earth’ tones.

They brought to mind Miss Havisham and her wedding cake in Dickens’ “Great Expectations”.



Hosta Remains-1

Here’s a closer look at this one; I prefer the composition here, but had to first let you view the whole:

Hosta Remains-2

Just next door is Cat’s Cradle Bed and Breakfast, where I found a good angle to capture raindrops!


About three blocks up, in an alleyway, was this HUGE puddle, reflecting a large tree.  I rotated the image, because I felt it needed to be really looked at:


A very gray day, indeed…within an hour of returning, the temperature dropped and it began snowing–TWO seasons in one day!

Well…that’s Chicago!