Almost-Autumn Hydrangeas

Multi Hydrangea-2 Diff Glow


Multi Hydrangea-1 Diff Glow

These subtly colored blooms were given an added treatment with the Diffuse Glow filter using pure white as the background/glow color, which also adds an overblown quality to the whites, allowing for a softer, more romantic look.

The Grain was set at “3” to give a fresher look to these very old-fashioned favorites.

* * *

Just a note:

Although I have no knowledge as to whether any of my copyrighted images have been ‘stolen’ by others, I decided to add a watermark and process them in a smaller pixel format.

I work diligently to present fine photography to all viewers, and to have another place their name on my images is simply untoward!

You can always ask for permission in the Comments to use an image, which I usually grant as long as I am given credit.

Thank you!

Faded Hydrangeas

After all the snow, icy frost and wind they’ve been through, the faded Hydrangeas continue to stand tall!

Faded Hydrangeas-1


Faded Hydrangeas-2

Yesterday’s Watery Walk

It was raining yesterday…then it was snowing…and it went back and forth like that all day!

My first stop was up the street at the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, the Emil Bach House, where the Cineraria were not only wet, but pretty creepy-looking as well!




The bushes just inside the wrought iron fence were pretty wet also!


At the Gateway Centre, where the grocer is located, the Hydrangeas looked like this:

Water Water-2

And the nearby rose bushes were full of water droplets also, though it was snowing at the time!


Thankfully, in about five hours, Winter makes way for Meteorological SPRING (officially, Spring (the vernal equinox) arrives on March 20th at 6:02 AM CST)…and I am so very happy to ‘shoo away’ all these gray days of Winter!

I’ll be buying a bunch of daffodils tomorrow…that’s how anxious I am to get back to photographing flowers!

Can you tell…

…I did quite a bit of ‘playing’ in Photoshop (TM) with these images?

Hydrangeas with Snow, the First

Hydrangeas with Snow, the First


Hydrangeas with Snow, the Second

Hydrangeas with Snow, the Second

As a young girl, I used to watch with fascination as the colorist in the Photography Studio at a local department store patiently changes a sepia-toned photo into a subtly tinted masterpiece.

Back in the late 1970s, when I was shooting strictly black and white film, I had access to a darkroom, and with a few instructions from my then-boyfriend, I learned to develop the film and sepia-tone the prints.

Consequently, a major purchase was a set of Marshall’s Oil Colors, and I began to tint images, remembering everything I had seen the colorist do.

This was so much easier, and I do not have to breathe in the vapors of ‘the turps’!