A Monday extra…

…to begin the week right!

I managed to get over to the lake during my mile-long walk yesterday afternoon.  These were taken from the very end of Birchwood Avenue, which has no beach…and yes, it WAS cold, bit the sun felt great!

The Shore, the first17FEB2013

The Shore, the first

The three ‘spots’ on the horizon are the northside water cribs.  All the City of Chicago’s water comes from that far out in the lake, something like 5 or 6 miles!


The Shore, the second17FEB2013

The Shore, the second

From my window: Yesterday…

…in mid-afternoon, the world turned white again!

Snow 07FEB2012-1


Snow 07FEB2012-2


After rain yesterday morning, the sleet, then freezing rain took over.  Just before 4 PM (CST), the snow began.  “They” forecast a blizzard (NOT), as the winds were never  near 35mph, and though it snowed heavily, it did not produce ‘white-out’ conditions for over 3 hours–THAT’S what makes a blizzard!

It was very pretty, but I knew it would be challenge making it to my appointments today…and it was!

Chicagoans are very silly people when it snows, as they figure it will melt eventually, so why bother getting out there to shovel!

Icy Slop-1

Half the time, I had to walk in the street, or through five inches of snow at the side of the walk.  It’s as if most of these people never heard of ROCK SALT or other ice-melting products…or maybe they’re just lazy and cheap!


Some walkways had been cleared (and salted!) so nicely; others were thick with ice (it all was re-freezing), and rutted with other people’s boot prints…truly treacherous for this old gal and her trusty cane!

Because I walked slowly and carefully to the train three blocks away, I took advantage of that by stopping to get some shots.  Here are close-ups of this icy mix on a neighbor’s Arbor Vitae:

Arbor Vitae and Ice, the first

Arbor Vitae and Ice, the first


Arbor Vitae and Ice, the second

Arbor Vitae and Ice, the second

More snow in tonight’s forecast…

…might make this festive Yucca…

Festive Plant

…end up looking more like this one!

Festive Plant-Snow

Then again, it could warm up again, as it did the past two days to 50 degrees F., then drop quickly, as it did last night to 27 degrees F., to cause this:

Freeze and Re-freeze

Freeze and Re-freeze

In Macy’s Walnut Room

"The Great Tree"

“The Great Tree”

The Great Tree is a tradition Macy’s continues to celebrate, after occupying the huge former Marshall Field’s store at Washington and State Street, where the very first Great Tree was erected in 1899! It is approximately forty-five feet tall, and almost touches the ceiling of the two-story Walnut Room Restaurant!  The ornaments and theme change every so often, and this is totally different than last year’s Great Tree!

Winter’s leftovers

Today is the last day of meterological winter.

Although this season has been very ‘un-snowy’ and relatively mild (for Chicago), in areas such as these, which never experience sunlight, snow and ice remain.

Winter’s leftovers-1  Copyright 2012  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com

Winter’s leftovers-2  Copyright 2012  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com