Sometimes, all we need…

…is a place to enjoy the setting sun.

Bench, Tree and Ivy Ground Cover

The Captive

Behind the Ivy Door


By locks and bars

She stares.

Vehicles race by

Not minding their speeds

Rushing to nowhere or


She sits.


No synapses fire.

No hair out of place.

No bat of the eyelashes.

Nothingness rampant

In the life of a mannequin.

Copyright 2012

Playing and ‘shopping…

…early this fine Monday morning!  I played and played, until I worked through different filters to get this:

Ivy and Shadow

The original was a lot more pedestrian, and much less romantic.

Ivy and Shadow-Original

Hmmm…it’s hard to choose



Pine/ Shadow/Ivy–Sepia

Then, there’s this, a kind of  ‘organized Jackson Pollack’!  Perhaps the early morning heat IS getting to me?

Pine/Shadow/Ivy–Glowing Edges