Autumn at the shore…

…from a higher vantage point!

Yesterday was a gorgeous November Sunday, with temps around 45 degrees (F.) and a not-quite-10 mph wind blowing over a cooling Lake Michigan.

During my walk over, I decided I was bored photographing the shore from ground level, so I carefully climbed some twenty-odd steps up the concrete bleachers which overlook a baseball diamond and a football field.  These images have a bit of that perspective…but I would have loved if the bleachers were twice as high!

Almost-bare branches, Lake Michigan, and an empty playlot

More bare branches along Lake Michigan

From an older garden…

…near the Lake Michigan shore.  The only building at this location which may have had a garden was a small lighthouse, which was demolished many decades ago.

Closed Morning Glory, Sweet Alyssum and Fallen Leaves

The Sweet Alyssum is a bit old-fashioned, as the same plant contains both purple and white flowers.

Sweet Alyssum

Erosion Prevention

At the east end of my street is the lake…powerful Lake Michigan.  The old beach is gone, covered with huge rocks to prevent erosion and to keep huge waves from reaching and damaging the shore.  There are also many dead tree branches like the one below, which I am certain provide cover for all sorts of little scurrying animals…I guess they have to live somewhere, yes?

Rubble and Rocks at the Shore