Sorry, running behind…

…but then, so is Spring!

Yesterday, I washed down (with TSP–Trisodium Phosphate) the kitchen ceiling and walls, plus a few others that needed it…that’s the reason there was no post yesterday–it took NINE hours (with breaks in between where I was busy with other cleaning), but…

…except for the two large windows and their blinds, the Spring cleaning is complete!

Give a cheer for the old gal, who can still climb a ladder (though slowly and carefully!)…she worked her bum off, just to get ready for painting, which will not even be attempted until warmer weather (whenever that decides to show up!)!

We were supposed to be “inundated with snow” today…then those crazy weather folks knocked it back to “two inches”, and finally succumbed to “snow flurries”…and guess what?

Nary a flake fell all day!!!

The wind has been pretty vicious all day, so I thought I’d show you Lake Michigan…from last Sunday, the 17th, another windy day.

Five Piers

Five Piers


Gull Trio

Gull Trio


Rough and Tumble, the first

Rough and Tumble, the first


Rough and Tumble, the second

Rough and Tumble, the second

Back tomorrow…I’ve simply got to rub some Neutrogena into my poor, dry hands!

Autumn at the shore…

…from a higher vantage point!

Yesterday was a gorgeous November Sunday, with temps around 45 degrees (F.) and a not-quite-10 mph wind blowing over a cooling Lake Michigan.

During my walk over, I decided I was bored photographing the shore from ground level, so I carefully climbed some twenty-odd steps up the concrete bleachers which overlook a baseball diamond and a football field.  These images have a bit of that perspective…but I would have loved if the bleachers were twice as high!

Almost-bare branches, Lake Michigan, and an empty playlot

More bare branches along Lake Michigan

The Grackles’ Exercise Routine

I took a short walk in this morning’s rain, and found this amazing sight.  The birds repeated this ‘Up and Down’ for at least ten minutes, then I turned to return home…a bit wet, but it was well-worth the chill!

Grackles-Up 1

Grackles-Down 1

Grackles-Up 2

Grackles-Down 2

Perhaps they were just trying to stay limber, practicing for the long flight south?

It’s peculiar…

…that so many trees in my neighborhood have their roots growing above ground, like this one:


Perhaps it is because this area was originally the lake; most of the neighborhood is built on landfill deposited in the late 1800s.