There are four little spaces…

…about three feet wide in Macy’s (the former Marshall Field’s) Washington Street display windows.  They all advertise Holiday Lane on the 6th floor, which I hope to visit tomorrow, and each window has a different theme!

Macy's Holiday Lane Windows-1

Angels and Polar Bears and Snowmen…Oh, Brrr!

Macy's Holiday Lane Windows-2

Almost every Santa you can imagine…and Mrs Claus, too!

Macy's Holiday Lane Windows-3

Little Children love Comical Bears and a Jack-in-the-Box!

Macy's Holiday Lane Windows-4

Every kind of Nutcracker, a Drummer Bear, and Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow and, of course, the Tin Man, too!


Shortly, I’ll have more from Macy’s, including the huge, forty-five foot tree in the Walnut Room, a tradition begun in 1899 by Marshall Field’s.

Just a bit early…

…or is Macy’s just a bit needy?

As I walked up Washington Street in downtown Chicago yesterday, I was taken aback with the Christmas decorations already up inside Macy’s (formerly Marshal Field’s) State Street store.  The main State Street windows are still under construction, but the interior of the first floor seems to be in full Christmas season regalia.  I didn’t have time to step inside as I was on my way to vote EARLY…maybe next week, I’ll go downtown again, stop in, and see how much progress is being made on the Great Tree in the Walnut Room restaurant!