Since many of you may never have the chance…

…to experience downtown Chicago’s ‘Magnificent Mile’, come along for a short walk with me!

At Hugo Boss

At Cartier

Again, at Cartier

Once more, at Cartier

At Swarovski

The brand new Burberry

And lastly, at Crate and Barrel

I wish I had more from that day, but the camera battery said, “NO!”

Hopefully, these are a bit easier on the eyes…

…than the last post?

Mannequins in two different store windows,

at the intersection of Sheridan Road and Bryn Mawr Avenue

in the Edgewater Glen neighborhood of Chicago.



By the way, she is staring across the street, at that ugliness from the previous post!

The Captive

Behind the Ivy Door


By locks and bars

She stares.

Vehicles race by

Not minding their speeds

Rushing to nowhere or


She sits.


No synapses fire.

No hair out of place.

No bat of the eyelashes.

Nothingness rampant

In the life of a mannequin.

Copyright 2012