Constipated? Or, what?


I have never cared for him, the puppet man.  When I saw the first ‘Telepromtr’-aided speech, I watched for a few minutes as he seemed to be at a tennis match…left and right with the head, constantly…and irritatingly.  Just another radical Alinsky acolyte, I thought then…and so I think, now.  A phony, a Communist, a Marxist.

We, as human beings, do NOT need the likes of Baraka and his phony wife, Michelle, determining what we can or cannot do with our lives.

We…are the champions, not just ‘fly-over’ country dwellers!  No matter how Baraka, a man who cannot admit his own mistakes, and his minions perceive us!


That poor, indoctrinated child…

…will soon learn, probably harshly, just HOW her world has been changed, if she hasn’t already!

From my dear friend Granny Jan:

Hunger (NOT for veggies, but meat protein) will change anyone, butt..they’ll still be able to vote without an ID, won’t they? /sarc/

Just a notice…

…to ALL the Obamas of this world.

“Better get yourself together, darlin’

Join the human race.”

“Yes, we all shine on

Like the moon and the stars and the sun.”

Except…these qualities can never apply to the Marxist, self-ascribed Messiah–Barack Obama, IF that is even his true name!

It will get you, Barry…instant karma…eventually,

when someone, somewhere, has the balls to bring you to task re: your LIES!