A Walk IN the Lake: Part 2

When I first arrived at Leone Beach, I was struck by the beauty of the frozen wave splash, which had created a tiny, white ‘mountain range’ along the shore!

Frozen Wave Splash

I had wanted some ‘quiet time’, just to think for a bit in silence, and I certainly found it at my favorite spot–the pier remnants!

Pier Remnants

I noticed that the lake had receded due to the frozen wave splash, so I decided to ‘take a walk IN the lake’!

Here's my image of 'straddling' the pier remnants...normally, I would be standing in several feet of water!

Here’s my image of ‘straddling’ the pier remnants…normally, I would be standing in several feet of water!

I walked on, and captured ‘the other side’ of the remnants, which I had never been able to see fully…and it was a great thrill, believe me!

The Other Side-Wide

Here’s a closer look at that camera left section…frozen stiff and away from the water (unless this GREAT lake begins acting up again?):

The Other Side

I’ll have at least TWO more parts to this exciting (and a bit dangerous!) saga, as soon as I’ve edited another twenty-some images.

Thanks for walking with me!