The perfect blend…

…of Autumn’s colors!


Autumn Coleus-1 WM


Autumn Coleus-2 WM


Autumn Coleus-3 WM

Ornamental Cabbage…

…is quite beauteous in autumnal floral displays, don’t you think?

Orn Cabbage-WM


It seems to become an even more attractive plant when it is combined with another delightful Autumn tradition: the simple, yet always gorgeous, Chrysanthemum!



Orn Cabbage and Mums-2-WM


Orn Cabbage and Mums-1-WM

NOTE:  The above images were processed in Photoshop (TM) utilizing the Watercolor filter overlaid with the Diffuse Glow filter (using pure white as the glow color).

Although today was the beginning…

…of meteorological Winter, there is still a rainbow of colors to be found in Nature!

Late Autumn Rose

Late Autumn Rose

Late Autumn Leaves

Late Autumn Leaves

Quote for the season

I really cannot say if these are grapes (Concord?), but feel they look great in the shining sun!

Berries, Vines and Stems

Looking Up: She’s been up there…

…for nearly ninety years, and still she smiles at everyone!

The Painted Lady

As you can see, I had to do a goodly amount of Photoshopping…just to allow you to see that truly beautiful smile.  Here’s the original:

The Painted Lady–Original