I’m happy to see…

…that WordPress has brought back its “snow” this season…and it’s falling just about at the rate it did here in Chicago a bit over a week ago!

See for yourselves.

From my studio window

From my studio window


From my living room window

From my living room window

But…it did make for some interesting patterns in the now-empty lot next door!

25NOV Snow-3


25NOV Snow-4


25NOV Snow-5

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to shoot from my north window, as I’ve been doing the past six winters, but the maintenance man came and removed the screen (a temporary one that really didn’t fit!), and I have a clear view to the north until Spring–or whenever it will warm up here in Chicago!

* * *

I finally had a somewhat ‘slow’ day!!!

After a short run to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, I actually walked a few blocks out of the way and did some shooting–a rare thing of late!

I hope to have a few of those 121  images up either tonight or tomorrow, so thanks to all for your patience!

My Lament


Cascades from my mind’s slant roof
Each thought puddles one into the other.
Time interspersed
Follows patterns
/Design in space/
While I contemplate
The values of gray.

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