I have found…

…I lost all my pizza shots when the computer dumped last September…and I haven’t photographed a single one since!

Oh, silly me…I shall make one from scratch sometime toward the weekend…and I wish you could enjoy it with me (I’ve been making my crust from scratch for over 40 years now!).


CRUST (Not a recipe, but my attitude!)

Mushrooms oh yes

Mushrooms are necessary

If you want to make pizza-from-scratch you need

Mushrooms and


the sweet Spanish kind

or the white ones

Even Reds will do


Onions are necessary to complement the Pesto.


Oh?  You never made a Pesto pizza?

With freshly chopped onions, Crimini mushrooms

and fresh minced garlic?

Some sliced black olives could only help.

Add a little freshly grated mozzarella or Monterey jack…a bit of dried or fresh basil and feel as though you may have risen to some sort of heaven.


Oh, I did not tell you if you don’t make your own crust from scratch that you’ll never see heaven?

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