And so he sat…and then…wasn’t it only yesterday?

Sure, I sit here, too, in the middle of your night, thankful that my soon-to-move noisy neighbors have not disrupted my life yet again.

And as John wrote, I also watch the wheels keep turning ’round, because, at almost 66, I am classified by most of the world as OLD…to be forgotten, and gotten rid of, apparently.


Shoot…wasn’t it only yesterday I lost my youngest son?

It sure seems to be…not 15 and a half years.



And wasn’t it only yesterday I lost my dear Dad?

It sure seems to be…not over 17 and a half years.



I’m sure it was only yesterday I lost my Mother?

It cannot be 30 years now, can it?



Or 12 years, since my dear older son has been gone?

It seems so, so like yesterday.



A Sunday, Wednesday, Friday…or

Just another Monday.

Copyright 2012


Paul McCartney wrote this for John Lennon, just as I wrote the above for my family now lost.