The Pumpkin Heads: A Hallowe’en Story of Friendship and Desertion

At the Pumpkin Lot next door, this ‘guy’ started out looking like this:

Pumpkin Head and Heads-to-be

After a week or so, he looked like this:

Then, with some help from a dubious Pumpkin Surgeon, he ended up looking like this:

I think the Pumpkin Surgeon messed up a bit when performing the ‘eye lift’, don’t you?  But at least, through all Pumpkin Head’s ‘trials and tribulations’ before Hallowe’en, he did have a friend nearby!

Their last hours weren’t very fun-filled…the friend ran away, probably due to Pumpkin Head’s very scary eyes!  And Pumpkin Head must have run off to get a second opinion, and possibly more surgery, because this is what the Pumpkin Lot looked like around 5 PM:

By 7 PM, the remaining Heads-to-be and all the cornstalks were loaded up…

…and the Pumpkin Lot is now deserted…until it transforms into the Christmas Tree Lot!

Pumpkin Head didn’t have to run away…he and his buddy could have gone up the road a block away, and partied at Spooky Blow-up Tree’s place, where I’m certain they’d have had a fine time!!!

Happy Hallowe’en to ALL Pumpkin Heads, everywhere!

An early Autumn evening…

…brings up the lights at the Pumpkin Lot next door!

The Pumpkin Lot, at Street Level

From my window: Every year…

…at the end of September, a group from northern Wisconsin sets up a “Pumpkin Lot” at the front end of the parking lot next door, which is right below my window.  They do return in November to run the space as a “Christmas Tree Lot”, but for now, it is filled with beautiful ‘pumps’, as I like to call them.

The Pumpkin Lot in the Late Afternoon

As darkness begins, and gorgeous Autumn hues are replaced with subtly-colored leaves reflecting the light of bare bulbs, the whole lot becomes a little creepier, especially when visited by a man dressed totally in black!

The Pumpkin Lot in the Early Evening