This tiny tree…

…sits on the window sill of a local restaurant named “Jamaican Jerk”…I’ve had some of their food in the past, and it IS delicious!

It looks to be hand-made, and I feel it's a perfect symbol for this, the "Season of Giving"!

It looks to be hand-made; I feel it’s a perfect symbol for this, the “Season of Giving”!

Although today was the beginning…

…of meteorological Winter, there is still a rainbow of colors to be found in Nature!

Late Autumn Rose

Late Autumn Rose

Late Autumn Leaves

Late Autumn Leaves

Cabbage and Kale and Color, oh, my!

These were growing in the raised beds in front of the The Breakers on Sheridan Road in the Edgewater Glen neighborhood.  Aren’t they lovely, and so suited to the wonderful hues of Autumn?

Ornamental Cabbage-1

Ornamental Kale

Ornamental Cabbage-2

Still g(r)o(w)ing strong…

…and looking splendid, don’t you think?

November’s Purple Hydrangeas

November’s Pink Hydrangeas



From an older garden…

…near the Lake Michigan shore.  The only building at this location which may have had a garden was a small lighthouse, which was demolished many decades ago.

Closed Morning Glory, Sweet Alyssum and Fallen Leaves

The Sweet Alyssum is a bit old-fashioned, as the same plant contains both purple and white flowers.

Sweet Alyssum