After doing quite a bit of Spring cleaning…

…you know, the easy stuff like a closet, floors, a shelf unit, sorting paperwork.

Bored with that, I decided to take a walk to the lake shore.

Silly girl!

Though the sun had popped out a bit earlier, the biting wind was straight off the lake, blowing about 12 mph, and the waves were roaring!

I made my way to a red canoe which was somewhat out of the wind, thinking,

“Someone’s a bit early preparing to get out on the water, aren’t they?”

Red Canoe-1

It looked so pretty against a bluish sky, so I walked on over.

Much to my surprise, it looked like this:

Quite full of water!

Quite full of water!


REALLY quite full of water!

REALLY quite full of water!

Well, at least it doesn’t leak!

Oh, how the lake changes!

This image was taken last evening before 7 PM, while it was still showering a bit:

Lake, Boats and Red Canoe

I shot this image shortly after 2 PM, from approximately the same spot.  As you see, there are more waves (thanks to strong winds from the north) and the color is a bit muddier.


Here’s a closer look.  Even at the horizon, you can see the huge swells which make Michigan a very dangerous, unforgiving lake.  Rip current warnings were issued early this morning, yet there was no black flag flying, which indicates danger to swimmers.