Chinatown: Street Food UPDATED!

CT Street Food-1 Horiz Grain

Rice: Tasty Joy and Golden Jasmine

CT Street Food-2 Horiz Grain

Cilantro: A bit past its prime

I have been informed in the comments by Ng Tom of ‘That’s how I see the world’ that this is PARSLEY! 

CT Street Food-3 Horiz Grain

Firm Tomatoes and a much fresher Cilantro


CT Street Food-4 Horiz Grain

And the tomatoes cost how much?

CT Street Food-5 Horiz Grain

Fresh Cilantro for only forty cents a pound…I think?

Also PARSLEY, and most likely forty cents a bunch!

How I wish I could read Chinese!  Perhaps my friend in Hong Kong will be kind enough to send a translation of these signs!