Be very careful out there!

Icy walkways require extra awareness, even if they’ve been salted!

Icy Walkway-1


Icy Walkway-2


Icy Walkway-3

Even though it’s easier to see, this purple ice-melting product does guarantee the surface is free of ice!

Icy Walkway-4


Icy Walkway-5


Icy Walkway-6


From my window: Yesterday…

…in mid-afternoon, the world turned white again!

Snow 07FEB2012-1


Snow 07FEB2012-2


After rain yesterday morning, the sleet, then freezing rain took over.  Just before 4 PM (CST), the snow began.  “They” forecast a blizzard (NOT), as the winds were never  near 35mph, and though it snowed heavily, it did not produce ‘white-out’ conditions for over 3 hours–THAT’S what makes a blizzard!

It was very pretty, but I knew it would be challenge making it to my appointments today…and it was!

Chicagoans are very silly people when it snows, as they figure it will melt eventually, so why bother getting out there to shovel!

Icy Slop-1

Half the time, I had to walk in the street, or through five inches of snow at the side of the walk.  It’s as if most of these people never heard of ROCK SALT or other ice-melting products…or maybe they’re just lazy and cheap!


Some walkways had been cleared (and salted!) so nicely; others were thick with ice (it all was re-freezing), and rutted with other people’s boot prints…truly treacherous for this old gal and her trusty cane!

Because I walked slowly and carefully to the train three blocks away, I took advantage of that by stopping to get some shots.  Here are close-ups of this icy mix on a neighbor’s Arbor Vitae:

Arbor Vitae and Ice, the first

Arbor Vitae and Ice, the first


Arbor Vitae and Ice, the second

Arbor Vitae and Ice, the second

Ice patterens have always fascinated me…

Ice Patterns-1


Ice Patterns-2

…but these past six years I’ve had to use a cane, so now I just photograph, then step (gingerly) around them!  Perhaps I should carry a small bag of rock salt?