I wonder when…

…it was last utilized?  And, if it can even be opened?


In a bit over one hour…

…Autumn arrives!  It’s a great time for nature photography, such as this image I took last year.



In just one day…

…it seems we are closer to Autumn, my favorite season.  Strong northeasterly winds have cooled the city (today’s high temp was only 72 degrees), providing great ‘sleeping weather’ for the first time in several months.  As I walked to the doctor’s office today, I found this beautiful planting…of course, it’s been run through many filters in Photoshop (TM), but the colors of autumn are what prompted me to take a shot.

Autumnal Palette

Some of you know very well I cannot resist ‘playing’.  Here it is after using the Artistic filter Paint Daubs with a ‘Sharp Wide’ brush:

Autumnal Palette–Paint Daubs

I loved what happened here… how the colors became a bit subdued, and much more detail in the shadows was emphasized.

Oh, almost forgot…Autumn officially arrives September 22nd at 9:49 AM (CDT)–I can’t wait!