It’s rather obvious, isn’t it…

…that the ‘Bares’ are winning?

Reds and Bares

Bares and Not-bares

This image is a composite made up of four separate images 0verlaid in different, varying opacities and then, Photoshopped (TM) to the hilt!

In some places…

…the Autumn plantings are lush and warm!  (I truly wish professional landscapers would take the time to acclimate the mums, remove them from their pots, plant, then give them sufficient water to establish themselves, as these landscapers obviously did.)

Native Grasses and Chrysanthemums

In others…not so much!  (These poor mums, which have only been placed about a week ago (I’m certain they were still in their pots!) are already failing!)

Fading Chrysanthemums


…people bought ‘pet rocks’ several decades ago, so why not fallen leaves?

For Rent or Sale

Note:  Oh, okay, I may as well admit it…I added the “OR SALE” just for fun!