A Walk IN the Lake: Part 3

Before I began the trek along the not-normally-visible sands, I stepped back and captured these short pier stumps, heavily eroded because they are usually under the fast-moving waves of Lake Michigan:Short Remnants and Boulders

I cringed a bit as I looked at the icy path ahead…should I, or shouldn’t I, I thought, then…ah, well…no guts, no glory!

Icy Path Ahead

It was easy walking on the sands, they weren’t even frozen…but as you see, I had to make my way over some ice and through some boulders.  It got a little hairy, as I use a cane, which kept slipping.  It took a bit of poking around to find a place of purchase, and I moved on slowly until I was half the way to my goal, Sherwin Avenue Beach.

Halfway-Chase and Sherwin

I don’t know how long these boulders have been here, or from where they came, but they become somewhat mesmerizing when all you’re doing is looking down!

The ice was a little slippery, and I truly thought at this point that I should head back…but, NO!, said that voice in my head…Keep going!…so I did!

This is the view toward Sherwin Beach's fence line; the area you see is a private beach, which belongs to this place, 1205 W. Sherwan Avenue.

This is the view toward Sherwin Beach’s fence line; the area beyond is a private beach, which belongs to this place, 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue.

1205 Sherwin Private BeachIt was difficult getting around those boulders…some were not as close as others, so I stepped very carefully.  Here’s why they fascinate me so much:

Some are rough, others quite smoothed by the action of the waves.

Some are rough, others quite smoothed by the action of the waves.

I took one last shot of the frozen wave splash and ice on the lake, then enjoyed walking in the sands for a bit…there was no wind or lake noise, only an occasional gull or two doing their squawking.  I was very alone, cold, and happy I made it over the first icy patch!

Lake-Ice-Frozen Wave Splash

Stay tuned for Part 4!

A Walk IN the Lake: Part 2

When I first arrived at Leone Beach, I was struck by the beauty of the frozen wave splash, which had created a tiny, white ‘mountain range’ along the shore!

Frozen Wave Splash

I had wanted some ‘quiet time’, just to think for a bit in silence, and I certainly found it at my favorite spot–the pier remnants!

Pier Remnants

I noticed that the lake had receded due to the frozen wave splash, so I decided to ‘take a walk IN the lake’!

Here's my image of 'straddling' the pier remnants...normally, I would be standing in several feet of water!

Here’s my image of ‘straddling’ the pier remnants…normally, I would be standing in several feet of water!

I walked on, and captured ‘the other side’ of the remnants, which I had never been able to see fully…and it was a great thrill, believe me!

The Other Side-Wide

Here’s a closer look at that camera left section…frozen stiff and away from the water (unless this GREAT lake begins acting up again?):

The Other Side

I’ll have at least TWO more parts to this exciting (and a bit dangerous!) saga, as soon as I’ve edited another twenty-some images.

Thanks for walking with me!

A Walk IN the Lake: Part 1

I captured this image of the tall pine at the end of my street sometime last week, and worked it into a black and white photo, with a Horizontal Grain Texture filter…but it sat, because I didn’t quite know what to do with it until…

Street's End

Street’s End

…I walked over to the lake on Wednesday, braving the cold, and actually walked IN the sands where the water is normally about four feet high!

This was the result:

Street's End-From the Lake

Street’s End-From the Lake

You can just see the top of the towering pine, and I SHOULD be in water up to my armpits!

Here, before…


…I walked this shore

Others placed their feet

Left, then right

And so on

Between shadows and clouds

Sands indented

‘Til the rise of wave

Smooths them anew



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