Can you tell…

…I did quite a bit of ‘playing’ in Photoshop (TM) with these images?

Hydrangeas with Snow, the First

Hydrangeas with Snow, the First


Hydrangeas with Snow, the Second

Hydrangeas with Snow, the Second

As a young girl, I used to watch with fascination as the colorist in the Photography Studio at a local department store patiently changes a sepia-toned photo into a subtly tinted masterpiece.

Back in the late 1970s, when I was shooting strictly black and white film, I had access to a darkroom, and with a few instructions from my then-boyfriend, I learned to develop the film and sepia-tone the prints.

Consequently, a major purchase was a set of Marshall’s Oil Colors, and I began to tint images, remembering everything I had seen the colorist do.

This was so much easier, and I do not have to breathe in the vapors of ‘the turps’!

Along Sheridan Road in Rogers Park

If not for the cars way in the background, this image could have been taken over fifty years ago…

Vinery and Wrought Iron

Vinery and Wrought Iron

…but it’s from just the other day!

Too bad there was no SNOW!

It has been a long day…

…many hours spent remembering this date, which was Thanksgiving Day back sixteen years ago in 1996…a day of great sorrow, because I lost this:

Erik, #60

This photo is dated Aug. 31, 1990…six years and about 3 months before the unthinkable, the unbelievable happened on black ice at mile marker 100 near the town of Legnica, Poland.

One minute, a vibrant, brilliant mechanical design engineer, redesigning pollution control systems in Poland, and Beijing, China, and about to do the same in Italy…the next minute brought instant death, a head on collision with a German tanker truck.

Sixteen years, and though I’ve done many things (and almost died twice, myself) in all this time, the tragedy and loss remain fresh….



All was very pale

in the dark that night

I saw a chin and a nose

every time I closed my eyes

I could not see your face

but I knew it was yours

as you lay on the ground


In Poland





Reduced to paperwork

Files and accounts


It is still difficult to believe

You are no longer here

To joke and laugh

And do your Mike Tyson imitation


Copyright 1997

Not exactly Frank Lloyd Wright…

…but more likely designed by one of his devoted students.

The Prairie Style

The Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago has a number of homes in Wright’s early 20th century style, but a REAL Wright design is just one block north of my building!

Emil Bach House