I spent a lot of time in a darkroom…

…over 30 years ago, learning to develop and print.  Being me, I got courageous, and also learned to withstand the smell of making sepia prints (Oh, and isn’t it so easy now…with just a click or two?).

I photographed my younger son Erik’s feet (he ‘hated’ me for a long time for doing that), and while printing, overlaid a piece of what was known then as light Pellon (TM), a stiffener used in sewing.

The result was this, of which I remain very proud…and because he has passed, I can still look at those cute young toes!

Erik’s Young Feet  Copyright c. 1977  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com

Just thinking…and looking back at who is gone

My dear younger son, Erik  Copyright 2012  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com

This shot was taken, many years ago, by a close friend.

I feel it epitomizes everything that was my son, Erik…and what he attempted to do for others in this world.  Even at 9 years old, he was a very deep- thinking young man.  He went to university and became a Mechanical Design Engineer…and moved on to become someone who travelled the world, working to redesign pollution control systems.

His life was cut short on Thanksgiving Day (November 28th), 1996.

Oh…what good he could have done, if not for that accident in Poland.

Almost 16 years and I continue to mourn–and miss him.

Just so you are up to date

Unretouched Polaroid, circa 1975

This is the son I lost on Thanksgiving Day (November 28), 1996.  He died in a car crash on the 100 marker in Legnica, Poland…head on with a German furniture polish truck.  He worked for Nalco-Fueltech (Naperville, IL), and was redesigning pollution control systems.

My beautiful son, gone so long now.