Almost overnight!

The past 48 hours have been quite warm, with daytime temps in the 80s (F.), which really brought Spring early this morning.

These first two images are from my window…that gorgeous ‘Spring green’ color was not there last evening!



01MAY2013-5 Sherwin Tree-2

As I walked up Sheridan Road (so happy I did NOT take the bus to my appointment!), this flower-covered tree really stood out!

01MAY2013-5 Flowering Tree

Trees are leafing out everywhere, though the Maples and Oaks are slower.  It is said there will be no more frosts once the leaves of the Maples have emerged…we’ll see!

01MAY2013-5 Clouds and Trees

Here are some Tulips in-a-row.  If they look familiar, it’s because an image of the same row appears in the previous post (scroll down and check for yourself!), which I took about the same time just two days ago!

I kind of thought they’d be yellow!

01MAY2013-5 Tulips in a Row