As it’s May third…somewhere to the east…

…I am in a funky place.  It’s called turning 66, a horrid number to me.

I remember celebrating when my dear Dad turned 66, and how he, the former Milwaukee detective, seemed so old….and yet not.  He had a lust for life, and though his many silent and not-so-silent strokes debilitated him, he was always strong.

As was my Mother, a short, compact Greek girl.  Unfortunately, she passed in January of 1982 of the devastation of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disesase), which precipitated my Dad’s first stroke.

66.  It means I am closer to 70 than 60.  How do I deal with that?

Almost 33 years ago (half my life!), I was sent by the Milwaukee Stagehands union,  IATSE Local 18, down here to Chicago–as a painter/carpenter person.  The LA painter boss grabbed me…and said, “She’s ours!”, before the carpys  even knew what was happening.  For the next 87 days, I was a painter, on “The Blues Brothers”–no, I’ll take that back, because on my second day on the job, I was designated “Stand-by Signwriter”, and received a substantial raise.  And there I worked, in a warehouse with 53 men.

It was hard work (7 days a week, 9 hours a day, with a lot of overtime pay)…but a really fun time.  Even though I am not in the credits of the film, I look back fondly…I made some inroads for many talented women.

I suggested the above glitter app, and got an OK from John Lloyd…and it worked out well!

I am very happy to still be among the living, YOU, my followers and readers.  And I shall spend tomorrow photographing at the Lincoln Park Conservatory and Lincoln Park Zoo…so expect some fun shots!

To close this night…

…a little Ray Charles, in “The Blues Brothers”, with a lot of my signage.  Wasn’t he great?

And for all you Florida voters out there:  THINK! You better THINK FREEDOM, before you vote!

After all, isn’t FREEDOM what the USA is all about?

FREEDOM from tyrannical leaders, third-world-type despots like Mr. Soebarkah, who had to audacity to NOT honor a subpeona by the State of Georgia last week?