Wondering why…

…not all petals will pose perfectly?

Deep Red Sunflower

Sunflower Down

This sunflower head lay on the garden soil, broken off its stem much earlier in the day; the seeds will never ripen, the petals will be shriveled by morning. This little guy kept going round and round, working so hard…I hope he got something out of it!

Worker Bee

Just 12 days ago…

…I took a shot of this about-to-open sunflower just down the street.  Remember?

Sunflower B4

Then, three days later, I posted this:

Sunflower Revisited

Here it is again, about 5:00 PM (CDT)…and you can see the progress, thanks to the bees working each and every tiny flower:

The “Grand Opening” Sunflower

Grand Opening today? UPDATE

The sunflower down the street has opened!  Despite this evening’s fairly stiff breeze off the lake, I took the best shot I could get.  If you look at the 8:30 spot on the petals, you’ll see the shadow of the little bug making his best effort at pollinating.  It’s up at the 10:00 position on the outer edge of the soon-to-be yummy sunflower seeds!

Sunflower Revisited