Doctor recommended!

During my visit to my fantastic doctor last Friday, the Spielberg film, War Horse, somehow entered the conversation for the second time.

I had been trying to find the DVD at the Chicago Public Library in vain.

My doctor says this is “the BEST film, you’ve got to see it!”

I replied, “Well, I’m on my way to the library, so maybe they’ll have it, as I’m to cheap to use Netflix!”

And…there it was!

War Horse

War Horse

Now, my doctor owns and rides his own horse, and his father was in the film industry, so a tiny part of me thought, though briefly, he might be a bit prejudicial…and not everything done by Steven Spielberg (whom I have met!) was great.

Within the first five minutes, I threw out every and any doubt–this is one of the greatest films EVER!

Not only is the story line terrific but, because I watch a film through the eyes of someone who knows how they are shot and what’s CGI and what isn’t, I have to say that Spielberg has been extremely meticulous here–fabulous direction, cinematography, locations, costuming, acting–the works!

* * *

From the liner notes on the “War Horse” DVD cover:

“From legendary film director Steven Spielberg comes the epic adventure War Horse, a tale of incredible loyalty, hope and tenacity.  Based on the Tony award-winning Broadway play, and set against the sweeping canvas of World War I, this deeply heartfelt begins with the remarkable friendship a horse named Joey and his young trainer Albert.  When they’re forced apart by the war, we follow Joey’s extraordinary journey as he changes and inspires the lives of everyone he meets.”

* * *

Find it!

Even if you’re not a ‘horse person’, you’ll come away from this film more thoughtful, and perhaps a bit more courageous.

I’ll be watching this 2 hour and 26 minute film for the third time tonight ( I have to return it to the library tomorrow!).

And…the DVD also contains an interview with Steven Spielberg et al, explaining ing the making of the film—really quite informative!