How proudly they wave!


Daley Plaza Flags

The flags of the City of Chicago, Cook County and the United States of America wave briskly over the Cook County Courthouse (at left) and the Richard J. Daley Center (behind) on a cold, late October mid-afternoon.

In case you are wondering, the huge shadow covering the Daley Center, and the famed Pablo Picasso sculpture (at bottom center) belongs to this magnificent piece of architecture:

First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple

From Wiki:

First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple is a church located at the base and in the utmost floors of the Chicago Temple Building, a skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois. The top of the building is at a height of 173 metres (568 feet).

For tonight and tomorrow night

I shot a bunch seven years ago, when I was ‘behind the lines’ at a fireworks display put on by the Bartolotta family, on the lake just south of Cudahy, a Milwaukee suburb.  I not only had a lot of fun with this experiment, but found out that the ‘glittery’ look of many fireworks is the result of adding powdered coffee creamer to the rest of the ingredients!