The Yellow Magnolia

This fascinating yellow magnolia lives just a few properties closer to the lake on my street.  I took this shot in May of 2007, and haven’t been able to get a good one since.  This year, the early Spring affected them, and they just withered.  The leaves are looking deformed.  I guess the owner I spoke with did not heed my advice to feed the tree with compost, as it is unfortunately planted in what I term ‘construction fill’, not loamy, sweet soil.

Yellow Magnolia-3  Copyright 2007

I cropped it because I wanted to do a painting:

Yellow Magnolia-3 Crop  Copyright 2007

Lately, I took the canvas from the wall, popped it onto the easel, and began working on it again.  It requires many layers of glazes, so the work is slow and sporadic…there are also some days when my hands just do not want to hold the brush properly.  Perhaps after twenty or thirty more hours of work, it will look as it should?